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Which Knitting Needles?

There’s a wide range of knitting needles available to you from circular needles, to single point (or straight) needles to double pointed needles. You’ll find that different knitting needles work best with different and the more you start to knit with different yarns and needles you will start to discover yourself that needles work best for you.

The three main needles kinds are:
 Single point or straight needles
 Circular needles
 Double point needles

Here’s a little bit more about the various needle types:

Single point or straight needles

These are the most traditional knitting needles you will find, that have a point at one end and a stopper at the other end. You use single point or straight needles for creating flat pieces of knitting but knitting successive rows on top of each other. When knitting you will complete one row and then turn the work around and knit the next row back the other way and keep repeating this. 

Circular needles

These needles are the shortest needles with tips of around 4-5” long that are joined with a flexible line. Circular needles allow you to not only knit straight rows back and forth but also you can knit in a round as well with them. 

Double pointed needles

Double-pointed needles allow you to create knitting tubes in the round. They are most commonly used for sock knitting where you will use 4 or 5 needles in a spiral that creates a full tube.

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