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Machine knitting pattern abbreviations

( ): work instructions between parentheses, in the place directed
[ ]: work instructions between brackets, as many times as directed
* : repeat instructions following the single asterisk as directed
* * : repeat instructions between the asterisks as directed
alt: Alternate
approx: Approximately
BC: Back cross
beg: Beginning
bet: Between
BO: Bind off
CA: Colour A
CB: Colour B
CC: Contrasting colour
cdd: Centre double decrease. Slip 2 stitches together, knit one stitch, pass the slipped stitches over (together)
ch: Chain using crochet hook
cn: Cable needle
CO: Cast on
cont: Continue
C 2 L: Cross two stitches to the left
C 2 R: Cross two stitches to the right
C2PL: Cross two, purl left
C2PR: Cross two, purl right
dec(s): Decreases
DK: Double knitting weight yarn
dpn (or dp): Double pointed needles
EON: End of needle
EOR: End of row
FC: Front cross
fl: Front loops
foll: Following
g (or gr): Gramme
grp(s): Groups
g st: Garter stitch, knit every row
incl: Including
inc(s): Increases
hk: Hook
k: Knit
K1b: Knit one through the back loop
k1 f&b (or kfb): Knit one stitch in the front, then another through the back. Also known as a Bar Increase
K1 tbl: Knit one through the back loop
k2tog: Knit two stitches together
k2tog tbl: Knit two stitches together, through the back loop.
k-b: Knit through the back loop
k tbl: Knit one through the back loop
kfb: Knit into the front and back of a stitch, an increase
kll: Knit left loop; an increase
krl: Knit right loop; an increase
k-wise: Knit wise
LC: Left cross (in knitting cables)
LH: Left hand
lp(s): Loop(s)
LT: Left twist, to cross stitches and twist two strands of yarn
M1: Make one stitch, an increase
M1A: Make one away, an increase
M1B: Make one back, an increase
M1F: Make one front, an increase
M1L: Make one left, an increase
M1R: Make one right, an increase
M1T: Make one towards, an increase
MB: Make bobble
MB#2: Make bobble number 2
MC: Main colour
mm: Millimetre
no: Number
oz: Ounces
p: Purl
p1 f&b: Purl into the front and back of a stitch, an increase (also called pfb)
p2tog: Purl two stitches together
p2tog tbl: Purl two together through the back loops
pat(s) (or patt(s)): Patterns
pfb: Purl into the front and back of a stitch, an increase
pm: Place marker
pnso: Pass next stitch over
pop: Popcorn stitch
prev: Previous
psso: Pass slipped stitch over (as in slip 1, knit 1, then pass the slipped stitch over the knit stitch)
pu: Pick up stitches
p-wise: Purl-wise
RC: Right cross (as in: cross 2 R)
rem: Remaining
rep: Repeats
rev St st: Reverse stocking (stockinette) stitch
RH: Right hand
Rib: Ribbing
rnd(s): Round(s). In circular knitting, rows are called "rounds"
RS: Right side, meaning the right side of the fabric (the side meant to be shown on the outside)
RT: Right twist, to twist two strands of yarn and cross stitches
sk: Skip
sk2p: Slip1, knit 2 tog, pass slipped stitch over (a double decrease)
SKP (or skpo): Slip, knit, pass slipped stitch over the knit stitch (the same as sl1, k1, psso)
sl (or s): Slip a stitch
sl st: Slip stitches
sp(s): Space(s)
ss: Slip stitch(es), Canada
ssk: Slip a stitch, slip the next stitch, knit the slipped stitches together; a decrease
ssk (improved): slip one stitch, slip the next stitch purl-wise, knit slipped stitches together
ssp: Slip a stitch, slip the next stitch, purl. A decrease
sssk: Slip, slip, slip, knit 3 slipped stitches together. A double decrease
st(s): Stitch(es)
St st: Stocking (stockinette) stitch
T2L: Twist two to the left
T2R: Twist two to the right
tbl: Through the back loop
TM: knit to marker
tog: Together
won: Wool over needle
wrn: Wool around needle
WS: Wrong side, or reverse side, meaning the side of the fabric meant to be worn on the inside
wyib: With yarn in back
wyif: With yarn in front
yb (or ybk): Yarn back
yd(s): Yards
yfon: Yarn forward and over needle
yfrn: Yarn forward and around needle
yfwd (or yf): Yarn forward
yo: Yarn over and wrap the yarn around the right needle

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