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About Our Yarns



The majority of our yarn comes from Italy, predominantly made for us exclusively. Our yarns are processed from start to finish under strict European standards, including Oeketex dyeing standards which ensure total conformity to safety and work ethics.

We do NOT source from the usual textile markets of Far East, China or Turkey, mainly for quality reasons, preferring to work closely with Italian spinners for colour and design flair and today just a few UK sources, as very sadly most of our home spinning industry has long since disappeared.


Bringing you the best quality yarns possible...


All of our yarn on cone is freshly waxed on our state-of-the-art winding machines before dispatch. 

This ensures that the yarn is ready to knit, the build is firm, and the consistency from start to finish on the cone ensures equally consistent knitting tensions throughout your projects.

Our commitment is to supply the highest quality possible, so whilst we won’t be the cheapest supplier in the market, one thing is for sure you’re getting the best quality available. We never use end-of line or seconds quality. 



Every new yarn range is made specifically for us. Where practical we ensure consistency of colour choice for the longest time periods possible. However, from time to time, we do of course drop colours due to the fact that they are simply not selling, or that there are more up to date colours to add to the range.


All yarns that you order come in the weights as advertised online.  However, on request you can order smaller weights on each cone if you contact us specially at the time of ordering and we will always try to oblige!


Shade cards


All our yarn collections are available to see on shade cards that can be ordered online.



Our promise to you...



At Yeoman Yarns we’re proud to offer a NO QUIBBLE GUARANTEE. If in the unlikely situation that you are unsatisfied with your yarns, you can return the yarn in its original form and packaging to us within 14 days, provided it has not been used.

In the unlikely event that there is a quality problem, and we can honestly say that complaints are rarer than hen’s teeth here at Yeoman Yarns, we of course will either accept the yarn back or replace it.


Washing our yarns...

Unless stated otherwise most of our yarns are machine washable.  You will find care instructions on either the care tab on each product here online, or on our shade cards and cone wraps.

We still of course recommend gentle wash cycles.  The good news is that the machine wash treatment we have applied to our yarns, gives you a very robust wear performance and a bit of extra “safety margin” compared with “shrink resist” finishes which are simply not as safe in general wear and used by many other yarn suppliers.

Please always rinse knitwear well.  And we always recommend to take special care when rinsing whites, otherwise the optical agents in the detergents left in the garment when wet and exposed to strong direct sunlight can cause yellowing.


Knitting multiple ends

In the knitwear industry manufacturers are accustomed to knitting multiple ends per feeder, and there is no reason why you can’t do the same!

For example, 2 ends of 2ply into the same feeder makes 4ply, and with a chunky machine by knitting 2 ends of 4ply you produce in fact a double knit (DK) thickness.

The added bonus of knitting 2 ends into the same feeder, especially on chunky machines, is when you come to a knot it is diluted in only half the yarn thickness so the knot is a great deal less visible.

We seriously recommend, for example, that our nice round 4ply merinos and acrylics can be used with great effect on chunky patterns by knitting 2 ends without the need to hunt around for a heavy hand knit or DK yarn on cone. Or you can of course simply hand knit our heavier yarns!


2/30 Yeoman HB Acrylic 
400g cone

The original yarn for home knitting and today is still as reliable and easy to knit with. We offer a wide range of colours including our hard to miss, hi-viz colours!


Yeoman Supersheen 1ply 
350gm cone

100% bright acrylic ideal for either mixing with yarns like Poodle and Grigna, or using alone for soft shiny silky fabric finish. Supersheen is also ideal for knitting sideways with a few courses between the rows of the main yarn to create pleats; an old trick to make really very effective pleats is to use either the same colour or a contrast or toning Supersheen depending on the effect you wish to create.


Yeoman Fettucina Ribbon 4ply
450g cone

This is a fine acrylic knitted into a tape yarn and is very resistant to pilling and very stable.


Yeoman Cashmilon 4ply
500g cone

This standard 4ply acrylic is ideal for all family knitting, whether for children or adults, whatever the project - knitwear, scarves, beanie s, etc. It’s the basic yarn used for home knitting since home machine knitting started all those years ago, but what Yeoman Yarns offers that no other supplier offers is that we dye our yarns ourselves to our own huge colour range of classic and fashion colours. This yarn is hank-dyed for optimum handle and roundness, and the twist in both the singles and folding imparts to our yarn shape, stability andhigh pilling resistance.

Exclusive to Yeoman Yarns and our dedicated stockists, you won’t find a more extensive colour range of Cashmilon 4ply on the market.



Cottons and Cotton Blends

Yeoman Brittany 2ply
400g cone

A soft matt cotton in a vast graded range and especially suitable for Passap machines or Fairisle. Please note: in single bed plain fabrics a folded cotton yarn like Brittany may show some slight spirality as there is no plasticity in natural cotton, so it can’t be steamed to other than its natural shape. So if your design permits we do suggest to try to make a double-bed (ribber) fabric if practical.


Yeoman Organic Cotton 2ply
350g cone

We run a limited range of Organic Cottons to meet the demand for organic cotton, and the production process and growing procedures are regularly checked and authenticated by approved licensees, covered by a certificate known as a GOTS certificate. We can supply a copy of this certificate if needed.



Yeoman Soft Cotton 4ply
400g cone

In a range of over 20 colours, this soft matt cotton is safe to use on most 4ply patterns. The yarn is stable to machine washing @ 40 degrees and fastness is as full grade 4, which is the standard set by all respectable retailers and ensures no cross-staining if washed correctly. 


Yeoman DK Soft Cotton
400g cone

Available in a wide colour range, this yarn is ideal for a machine knitter onchunky machines, and for a hand knitter it gives 400g of cotton on cone with hardly a knot at all. It has become one of our best-selling cotton yarns and is priced to make those summer knitting projects very inexpensive!


Yeoman Cannele Mercerised Cotton 4ply
245g cone

This is our oldest and most-sold cotton yarn, being a cabled and available in a super graded colour range, this cotton knits like a dream. It also suits machine washes, coming out like new every time! Loved by knitters, rafters and crocheters everywhere, it has many specialised end-uses as the yarn sheds no fibre and the shiny mercerised character lasts a lifetime. We just love this yarn!



Yeoman CK2 Slub 3ply
400g cone

Available only in Ecru, this 3ply knits well alone or with other cottons for textured character in your knitwear.



Yeoman Panama 4ply
400g cone

This very popular cotton/ acrylic 50/50 blend yarn is famous for its wash and wear performance. Particularly suitable for babies and children due to its resilient washing qualities!



Yeoman Sari 3ply
400g cone

55% cotton/20% linen/25% acrylic

The feature of this yarn is the natural earthy colours it is available in, coupled with a slub to increase the character of your finished knitwear. Knitted best in simple plain structures it creates perfect summer tops.



Yeoman Polo 1ply and Yeoman Sport 4ply 
400g cone  

Our Yeoman Merinos are very special yarns, using the finest ultra-long smooth 19.5 micron super merino wool that offers the feel of cashmere without the horrendous price tag and no finishing needed!  
At Yeoman our Merinos are specially dyed for us with a full machine-wash treatment.  This means we are able to supply you a yarn which is not only a joy to wear but also handled with care will last you many years and stay smart.  
The Merinos are rare fibres, available from only a few countries around the globe.  The fibre is very fine hence the handle, and the smooth nature imparts great colour value whichever shade you choose.  
All this care performance and exclusivity means it’s not the cheapest yarn in the world, but our Merinos available in both 1 and 4ply are our best-selling yarns, showing the ever growing trend for knitters wanting to work with the highest quality yarns. 

Yeoman British Lambswool 
400g cone 

This yarn is spun by the traditional “woollen spinning” process, during which natural oils are present, so a post-knitting wash is necessary which removes these oils and imparts to the knitted fabric a softer handle and “Shetland/Lambswool” appearance. Any good detergent is all that is needed to wash the fabric at 30 degrees. We recommend you trial a small panel first. 

Yeoman Cashmix Sublime 1ply 
250g cone 

We introduced this yarn to meet the growing demand for cashmere-effect yarns. Whilst pure cashmere today is more than £100 for a 300-500g cone our cashmere blend of 10%cashmere/90% merino meets the demand for the cashmere effect but at a sensible price.  
Also this yarn does not need a finishing wash after knitting and performs much better than pure cashmere in terms of no shrinkage or pilling.  

Yeoman Fifty/Fifty Volga 3ply 
350g cone 

This pure new wool/acrylic blend, handles firmer than our Merinos, but is  a really round bulky yarn available in a wide range of colours, including some more male colourways.  
Ideal for fairisle work, it’s very popular for knitters seeking a finer yarn than a classic 4ply; many use this yarn instead of pure British wool as it has no residual oils in it. It is also much lighter and bulkier than the pure wool option, and of course machine washable. 

Yeoman Aran Knit  
400gsm ball 

A 25% wool/75% acrylic mix, available in classic ecru colour. Ideal for hand knitting or for use on chunky machines, this yarn is a basic for anybody wanting a simple Aran knit yarn at a great price. 

Yeoman Felting Wool 1ply 
250g cone 

This dyed, untreated wool is specifically designed for felting effects, so the process is to knit and then wash the piece at least @ 50 or 60 degrees to impart a felted effect. Trial panels are recommended so that you arrive at the effect sought. Felting is simply excessive shrinkage at temperatures of 40 degrees and over and can only be achieved on pure wool and only by using specially untreated product which has neither a shrink resist or a machine wash finish on it. It is a process which is often in the curriculum of knitting courses, and this Yeoman Felting Wool does the job exactly as described.   


Alpaca Blends

Yeoman Kajam Chunky Knit
400g cone 

25% Alpaca/25% wool/50% acrylic blend 
This lovely hand and machine yarn is a delight to knit with and has become one of our most popular “fancy” yarns. We offer several hand knit patterns using this yarn, but it also makes a great machine knit yarn for chunky machines. And great news….the Kajam colour range has recently been extended due to popular demand. 


Fancy Yarns

Yeoman Chenille 4ply
500g cone 

Chenille comes and goes as a fashion theme, but along with weaving applications it is becoming very popular again.  The Yeoman Chenille wears well but chenille is chenille, so it’s fair to say that it does not resist abrasion as well as a classic yarn. For optimum abrasion resistance some knitters will do a fairisle design with another 4ply to support the chenille, although today’s chenille is a huge, huge improvement on that of say 10 years ago and you won’t find any other yarn that gives such a great effect! 

Yeoman Grigna 4ply  
400g cone  

65% viscose/35% acrylic 
This yarn has a popular gimp to it, and the viscose imparts the shine, so when knitted in solid colours it really does look very impactful indeed! Maybe try pleating it sideways with Supersheen or another finer yarn, but in all honesty this yarn in simple plain fabric is just as impactful so it’s not necessary to knit up intricate structures.   
Available in a wide range of both solid colours and mixtures, there’s a colour to suit everyone! 


Yeoman Pellonia 4ply  
350g cone 

This special microfibre nylon is as light as a feather, you will have seen this yarn in retailer’s knitwear for several years now, and is still very popular today.  For those of you who can’t wear mohair but want the same effect, this is the solution! 


Yeoman Fine Crepe 1ply  
400g cone 

92% acrylic/8% nylon blend. 
This fine crepe yarn has excellent drape and shape retention and is ideal for dresses used either alone or with another fine yarn like Supersheen. If you seek a heavier crepe then we suggest knitting multiple ends knitted in each feeder. 


Stretch yarns

We offer Elastomeric in 26 colours, which should be knitted either with another yarn, for example in the rib of jumpers or sock ribs for shape retention and recovery (snap) or used 100% for special hi-stretch performance fabrics. Many textile colleges use the Elastomeric as work in hi-stretch applications as this type of yarn is in the majority of college course curriculums. 
Yeoman Fluid (viscose stretch) 1ply 
300g cone 

Knitted alone and preferably on a finer gauge machine, the result is an ultra-soft handle with modest stretch. This elastane has been designed not for “snap” but mainly for shape retention. The viscose is soft and semi-lustrous and sits on the surface of the yarn to impart the  fabulous handle. It is an industrial yarn and has become one of the biggest fashion items across the globe in the last 5 years. 

Yeoman Drawthread (a thick or a thin version)   
300g cone 

Predominantly used to separate garment panels on continuous or individual panel knitting, it does make life a lot easier for the regular knitter using domestic machines and creating repeat panels. 



A few years ago, the trend was for very high percentage heavy mohair yarns, mainly either hand knitted or machine-knitted on heavy gauge industrial machines.  Today, our knitters are looking for slight-as-air mohair with a nice handle and no weight in the finished sweater, and so our Elsa fits the bill... 

Yeoman Elsa 3ply
300g cone 

30% kid mohair/40% acrylic/30% nylon blend 
One or two 300g cones is usually enough to make a sweater when knitting with 1 or 2 ends.  However the secret to knitting light soft mohair is to knit it very slackly and then wash the panel to release the mohair fibre which gets trapped during the knitting process. Elsa is really only a 1-2ply yarn but must be knitted as a 3ply. A bit of small panel experimentation is recommended to arrive at the effect you seek (Elsa is basically a boucle yarn with loops and after dyeing the yarn itself is brushed on a big drum, and this process brushes away the loops and leaves the long mohair fibre to be later released after the garment or panel is washed to give a lovely soft handle). We love this yarn and it’s one of our best sellers!  


Silk mixture

Yeoman Tibet 3ply 
450g cone 

This is a blend of 25% silk/50% merino wool/25% nylon is rapidly growing in popularity, and today used by many craft weavers.  


Lurex effects

Yeoman Yarns offers two beautiful, lurex effect yarns: 
50g cone 

This is a very fine metallic yarn and is used in knitting in the same feeder as another (main) yarn to impart sparkle/shine. 

Starlight in DK or 4ply  
250g cone 

Available in a range of colours our Starlight lurex effect yarns are highly effective when knitted by themselves. 

Manila 2ply  
250g cone 

This acetate luxury yarn is best knitted alone. It imparts a luxury silky viscose-type handle and drape, and is especially suitable for evening wear. 
Because everyone loves a Special Pack!  
You will see from our price list that we offer 7 options of plies, fibres and types of yarn in our Special Packs.  Our Special Packs make the ideal starter kit for people learning to knit on machine or by hand at minimal cost. 
These packs are also ideal for colleges seeking practice yarns or starter packs with cones of a minimum of 500-600g per colour included. Just tell us what you would like (the more info the better) and we’ll tailor your pack for you. 
We’re proud to say we virtually never get any returns, so this says something about the quality and choice we offer and our team have become experts at giving customers a great selection – we love a happy customer! 



We carry a small range of both hand and machine patterns.   
Click here for hand knitting patterns 
Click here for machine knitting patterns 
Click here for crochet patterns 
As all our yarns fall into ply categories, you will also be able to use a pattern from most publications if you can’t find a suitable pattern in our collection. 

If you have managed to read all this information, we’re impressed! So we now look forward to you enjoying our yarns as much as we have enjoyed selling them for over 30 years…. 
Happy Knitting!  
The Team from Yeoman 

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  • "I received my order of Cannelle yesterday, began crocheting with it last night. Just wanted to say that I love it!! I'll be coming back for more in due course. I'll also be telling my crochet class about it, as they're always asking which yarn to use."
    L. Bilton, Coldstream

  • "The yarn arrived yesterday and I am very happy with the Fancy Pack you sent me. Thank you!"
    A Royseland, Norway

  • "Starting from my first e-mail until delivery Yeoman have been a great company to deal with. The starter pack that I received today is almost exactly what I wanted. The colours sent varied and the free pack was a lovely surprise. I will certainly be ordering from Yeomans again & will have no hesitation in recommending Yeoman's to others. Many thanks."
    A Kerr, Dumfries

  • "Many thanks. I'd like to say a huge thank you for your prompt service, and the wonderful quality of your yarns."
    C. Russell, Beverley

  • "Thank you so much, the colours are stunning! I love receiving surprises, and it's a fantastic way to experiment. Thank you."
    E. Drew, Andover

  • "My parcel arrived this morning. I'd like to say how thrilled I am with the quality of the yarns and the colour selection you made. Thank you very much."
    J.Sky, Ingleton

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