Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do we charge extra for postage? UK orders under £25.00 £2.95 Orders over £25.00 free p&p

2. Do we do yarns or wools not in the normal collection? YES, if you are looking for some special yarn, have bought some wool several years ago and would like some more, but cant find it or want to do a craft project, college or City & Guilds but cannot get any. We can help with these or any other challenge, if we can help we will! so send us a little part of the wrapping in the post, or drop us a letter or email.

3. Do we do accessories for machines? Sorry NO, your best bet is BSK or Metropolitian

4. Do we supply designer companies? YES, let us know who you are, the name of your business,and subject to minimum quantities we supply at a designer price rate.

5. I am a registered small business, can I have a proof of purchase or receipt! YES, all orders come automatically with a receipt, but if you want a more formal receipted invoice for your accounts please request when you order.

6. "I love one of your yarns, but need a special colour, can you help"? YES, If you are a small business, and can order about 12k in one colour, we can supply your own shade.

Your VIEWS/COMMENTS, we value any comments good or bad! Perhaps you think our service is not so hot, or our website can be modified, or one of our yarns is not quite right, or you want to tell other people about one of our yarns, or knitting tips you think may be useful. Then please email us with your comments.

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