About Us 

Our business has 3 legs;

1 as suppliers to home knitters and designer knitwear businesses.

2. As suppliers of industrial yarns throughout Europe to companies manufacturing for the Retail/High Street trade from chain stores to boutiques.

3. As exclusive partners and customers to some of the finest Italian spinners. This gives us a unique product base, strict control of quality, changing colour selection each season, & an important "inside track" to what’s new & fashionable in the world of textiles. 

Designer knitwear businesses; If you are a genuine small business, we can help with a great range and flexible product supply. 


Ethical Policy / Fairtrade 

ALL products are spun and dyed under stringent controls, to ensure quality, wash fastness, no use of environmentally harmful dyestuffs or chemicals, and comply with European ECO/ISO standards. There is NO use of cheap labour, and we do NOT source any products from any area we have not thoroughly checked-out beforehand to ensure compliance with our high ethical standards

Global footprint

we do NOT buy from China or the Far East, virtually everything we supply, we make in the UK or Italy, this means that our product supply is close to hand, it incurs much less transport cost and therefore less environmental "damage" sent to us.


Crochet; many of our yarns, including the mercerised cotton, are now used widely for crochet, an old hobby coming back rapidly.

Cone versus ball; which one is better? A question we get all the time; all m/c knits are on a cone; some of our hand knits are also on cones as well as on balls. This saves cost, reflected in our prices, and reduces the number of knots in your knitting, & for your information all wools you buy on balls start life on cones! So we are simply cutting out a process, with the quality just as good, which is reflected in the number of customers now hand knitting direct from our cones.

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